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A few years ago we moved to an area out in the country that has some of the most beautiful land you have ever seen. Everything is so fertile and green. Our neighbor has horses and cows. We have sheep and goats on our road as well. The homes are so far apart but close enough. This is far different from where we came from. We have so enjoyed this decision to move from the city. The sky is so big at night it is as if we are getting a private show of the sky just for ourselves and we are actually in the sky itself.

When we moved it was just my family and my 5 cats and our 2 dogs. That all began to change. It was not long before we had a dog show up on our front porch. We began knocking just knowing that somewhere there was an owner out looking for their pet. She was cute and friendly and eager to go looking with us for her home. We came back home that night with what became our third dog with a sad feeling. We were told that you better get use to that that dogs are dropped off regularly out here. That was an understatement. In the next five years we have found homes for at least 3 dozen of our canine friends. We consider ourselves an animal sanctuary of sorts.  We have some of the most amazing and appreciative dogs you could ever want. Those that have stayed with us some how know that they are special and many of them have had an extremely hard life until now. Some were clearly abused and some their owners just could not afford them anymore. From one extreme to another they make up our family. My wife and kids do amazing work with them to get them socialized and happy again. When you first see that tail start to come up and then to begin to wag there are few greater feelings. This project that we have taken on is a 24 hour a day 7 day a week job. We sat down as a family and saw the need. This is another of those decisions that I do not regret. It does take all of us to do this. I work 2 jobs and my wife and kids work on odd jobs from passing out flyers to website work. Some how we make it. The kids were willing to give up asking for some of the things that many teenagers want and Christmas can get small but the rewards are daily. The togetherness over the triumphs and the sadness that comes along with working with animals is immeasurable.

There are so many things that happen daily in our animal world that we have decided to blog about them and share them with other people that are going through the same thing or those that might just find it inspirational or sometimes just plan funny.

When you work and live with a large group of animals you have the priviledge of observing animal behavior first hand. Living with this many dogs is like living in a day care of 2 year olds all the time. There are many personalities and lots of play and nothing is more appreciated then nap time. We have an obsticle course that my son runs them through and they each go with us on walks and that wears them out. When we first were thinking of taking on this challenge or what has become a way of life we asked our vet could he give me a tip on how this might work best or if it could be done at all. I mean we have 7 Pitt Bulls in the mix as well as Australian Cattle dogs which are high energy. The one statement that he made that is our philosophy and has worked for 5 years is a happy dog is a tired dog. He said that this can work if we work them out daily. We have been lucky with only an occasional squabble. I think that it is the dedication of my kids and mostly my son to keep them in the play yard until he is the only one standing and they are asleep. My daughters are in charge of the washing and grooming. My wife does alot of the feeding as well as the kids and we all do the cleaning up after them. When we have company we always get the same comment that they cannot believe how well behaved our dogs are and how clean everything is. If they only knew what it takes to make it stay that way. We are very dedicated to what we are doing and that takes more of the chore out of it. I look forward to sharing our adventures with you.

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Our Dogs.
Called Canis lupus familiaris.
Estimated to be 400 million dogs in the world.

Dogs are a domesticated sub-species of the wolf. A carnivorous animal. When you get bit you will know it. These creatures are members of the Canidae family of the order carnivora used for both feral and pet varieties. Everything I have read shows that the domesticated dog has been one of the most widely kept working and companion animals in human history. Saw somewhere there was even a Keeshound with the three wise men.

Our domestication of wolves, most think the gray wolf took place around 15,000 years ago somewhere in the central Asia region. Dogs quickly became everywhere across most cultures of the world. With the resulting domestication process, dogs have developed a sophisticated intelligence that includes unparalleled social cognition, along with a theory of mind that is important to their interaction with humans. Just love it when you come home and they wag there tails until they are silly. Their social skills have helped dogs to perform in protection of humans, hunting, animal herding and currently assisting handicapped individuals.

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